- Individual strategy


The work we put into developing our clients' businesses brings long-term results.

We streamline online marketing processes

Often one that has already been in existence for many years and in which seemingly everything is working properly.

We organise the structure of campaigns and analytical accounts

Deficiencies and inconsistencies in this area are often the reason for disastrous campaign results.

We verify the costs of purchasing advertising space

Very often the customer does not realise how easy it is to overpay for online advertising.


- How we operate

We will OPTIMISE your shop's business

we improve profitability

When working on optimising campaigns we pay attention to details, especially those that others have overlooked. They often play an important role in the path followed by the user on the website and may contribute to the failure of even the most well-thought-out strategy.

A detailed analysis of the assortment allowed us to achieve spectacular increases in Aleno.plcampaigns .

We eliminate the apples-to-pear comparison. The basis of effective analysis, which will then translate into correct decisions regarding the purchase of advertisements, is to make the measures consistent in order to draw correct conclusions from them. Such an approach allowed us to algorithmically maximise the potential of Vox.plbrand traffic.


- Proven techniques


Before we take any action, we spend long hours with the client to very precisely define the purpose of the action, to the benefit of the client's business. We do not focus on making numbers look good in the statistics, but on measuring and implementing specific business objectives.

It is important to define them clearly for both parties and to measure them correctly in the course of any advertising activities. Despite appearances, this is not an easy task. However, this is where you have to start.

We optimise on many levels. Not only the advertising campaign itself, but also, if necessary, the structure of the website, navigation layout and the form of offer presentation. Each element has a significant influence on the results achieved in Internet marketing, which is perfectly visible on the example of the Seat campaign. Thanks to such an approach we achieved success in the recruitment campaign for Kontigo.

- Customers

Our long-term partners

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