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Recruitment campaign kontigo

When we were asked to support our client Kontigo in acquiring as many candidates as possible interested in running a stationary Kontigo salon in a large city, we decided that it was a difficult task but one worth undertaking and applying our approach to optimisation.

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Balanced strategy
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The difficulty lay mainly in the fact that broad advertising activities, without narrow targeting, generate poor quality candidates. In turn, narrowing the targeting of advertising to people who have the right competences, confirmed by officially available data on the Internet, causes the number of applications to fall practically to zero and the client loses the potential of the recruitment process.

With this problem in mind, from the outset we tried to adopt a strategy that would balance our activities and avoid these two extreme scenarios.


- How we operate

Short, clear content
Tailored form

The key to effective performance lies in the use of two elements of advertising as a kind of equalizer to control the flow of candidates and their level of quality. The first of these elements is the content of the ads themselves, the second is the form and its design.

Advertising in this type of activity should be characterised by very condensed content of an unambiguous nature. It should directly and clearly communicate the benefit, preferably in financial form, and the responsibilities. Any attempt to add content is likely to lead to poorer results.

When it comes to the form, the basic principle should be "the fewer the better". That is, we should avoid the temptation to increase the number of fields and questions in the form and to use convoluted questions that require excessive user involvement.

Skilful control of these parameters, together with the phenomenon of falling potential over the course of the campaign, enabled us to achieve above-average results.

In the campaign, we used mainly two extremely different advertising creations.
One called "image" creation informed about the advantages of Kontigo brand and exposed its logo. On the second "efficiency" creation, the logo was put to the background and the benefits of the cooperation were specified.

The results were as follows:

Number of conversions: 1 254

Conversion cost: £6.92

Number of conversions: 30

Conversion cost: £7.36

It is clear that effective optimisation of this type of activity, is based on a constant balancing between seemingly insignificant elements. However, with a consistent strategy that takes into account the depletion of potential for each combination of settings, an above-average result can be achieved.