- Conversion rate and incentive

Lead seat campaign

As part of the campaign, we tested three creative lines and three landing pages which differed mainly in the incentive to fill in the form. With identical targeting and optimisation strategy, all three lines achieved very different results.

Best and worst line results


more leads


cheaper lead


-Campaign mechanism

Leave your details, you will receive a prize

The unusual campaign was designed to obtain detailed data (e.g. VIN) from owners of SEAT cars manufactured in specific years. There were three different incentives to encourage people to leave their data:

  1. discount on a new car
  2. free service
  3. instructions in pdf format



Discount on a new car

For the first two weeks of the campaign we only had access to one line and incentive number 1.


    Free car check-up at ASO

    At the end of the third week of the campaign, the number 2 line was launched, which immediately started to record much better results.


      Operating instructions in the form of a pdf file

      The last line did not get off to a good start until the fifth week of action. The results it achieved beat line number 1 and even number 2 on the spot.

      Unfortunately, in the penultimate week of the campaign we were forced to put information on the LP that the instructions are only in English. This ceased to arouse user interest.



      Huge impact of the incentive, on campaign performance.

      When designing an advertising campaign, it is always worth bearing in mind the importance of the content and possible rewards or incentives. Their impact on the final result can be so great that it is always worth preparing several variants and finding out in practice how attractive they are for the target group.

      A common mistake is to rule out certain ideas early in the planning stage and start the campaign with one creative line. If you get it wrong, this approach leaves no room for possible changes and improved results.